Saturday, July 14, 2007

welcoming home

so i was welcomed home to more of my landlord's crazy antics. she had decided that for some reason it is not okay for us to go on the roof and without discussing it with us she put a lock on it. so we just decided to remove the lock. dianna and i went to fragers, rented a bolt cutter, and went to work...

making the ascent

the barrier between us and our in-home paradise

now we can hang our clothes, host turkish baths, and watch fireworks from our roof again.

while i was gone, lindsay cleaned up the backyard. more paradise at home.
we had our 4th of july breakfast here

me, lindsay, jennie, and brigham (dianna was taking the photo)

we relaxed for the day. went to a bbq at my friend geri's and then
watched fireworks from our roof!

there were 360 degrees of fireworks

on saturday dianna got back on our bikes. here we are team 1025 :)
seriously, why am i so nerdy?

i had dinner over at kimi and daves, with maryjoy, darrin, mcarthur, and stephanie

here is eli looking so so so cute.


ginger said...

i love the look on your face in the first picture...just try to lock me out!

Annie & Doug said...

That is so funny! You've got to keep us updated on what your landlord does when she finds out! She obviously doesn't know your abilities!