Tuesday, July 3, 2007

rwanda's final days

these dancers came to the pepfar awards ceremony. it was awesome.
my photos don't do it justice because the lighting was all off
it was amazing!

this is my room
i really can't complain
though the foam mattress and pillows were a bit firm and lumpy
for my tastes

here is the bathroom

this is charles and megan. megan and i work together (she is awesome!) charles is a friend i met last year when i was in rwanda. he is an amazing man! i just love him. if you are ever going to be in rwanda, use him as a guide. you will not find a better guide anywhere. plus he is just so interesting.

this is rebecca and jason
rebecca and i were running partners in addis abba
and have been friends ever since

me and matt

charles and aeran

michael and jessica

father ed and bruce

the crew at the solace.
each of these people survived the genocide
if you look closely you will see their scars

this is the first lady of rwanda, madame kigame. she was phenominal.
everything she said was spot on. i hope lots of people hear her words.

me with my most commercially important personality'd friend elizabeth

i thought i would share a couple of photos from the last time i was in rwanda...

this is from the genocide museum. each caskit has 6-8 bodies in it.
they are stacked 4 deep
the whole they are in is about 15 meters long
there are at least 40 of these graves
it really punctuates how many people died

i visited the susa family. we hiked 6 hours through a bamboo forrest, trekked on canopy riddled with stinging nettle, and via the mist

The Susa group – the largest group with 38 gorillas – will move higher into the hills during the dry season so they can more easily feast on up to 40 pounds of vegetation a day (imagine eating about 25 heads of lettuce). As the apes move into the forest, the base will also move.

there was a set of twin babies when i was there and they were SO SO SO much fun to watch
it is crazy how much alike we are!

the following video is me being chased by a gorilla


greenfrog said...

must have been marvelous

andi,andi,andi said...

Thank you soooo much for FINALLY posting some pictures. And the hair looks great. I noticed it way before I scrolled down to the haircut post. Are you home yet?