Wednesday, July 11, 2007

midnight at the oasis

the ksar ghilane oasis bumps right up against the grand erg oriental (french for "sand sea," or something) . We stayed there two nights at a hotel/campground of sorts called the pansea.

this is us staving and thirsting to death in an air conditioned tent.

the air conditioner was really only cooling down the front door of our tent, so we had to build a new tent over the bed.

viola. a double tent. it really channeled the power of the air conditioner right where it was needed. we stayed in our tent from about 10 am to 7 pm every day, and only ventured outdoors when the sun stopped.

the oasis had a pool.

this is dianna and a little tunisian boy who loved being in pictures.

tripod again. why do i love the tripod so much? our tents are in the background.

sunset, and the moon coming up.

i became a lamb and goat-eating carnivore.

dianna, too.

our waiter, who loved talking about the desert. after work every night he said he would walk out into the desert and sleep on the sand dunes. really good for the health, he said. when he journeys in the desert, he wears this black scarf.

he tied the scarf on me, the night before our 2-hour desert expedition.

i am actually smiling in this picture.

the tripod captures the moon and stars in the desert.

the hotel at night.

the tents at night.

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Dear Kimberly -

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