Wednesday, July 11, 2007

desert in a citroen with no name

this is me driving along happily, approaching a sand dune, slowing down, freaking out, and then gripping the wheel and driving over it. Parental advisory explicit lyrics. (just click the button below to listen)

back on the road. the road disappeared under sand dunes a few times. this totally freaked us out.

you can't even tell how huge this sand drift is. we treated the sand dunes like snow drifts, and drove over them superfast with clenched teeth. but our little citroen made it.

inspecting the dune for the best route across.

a few scattered pieces of an oil pipeline?

this sign says welcome to ksar ghilane, and the road promptly ends.

this is ksar ghilane.

it was about 120 degrees, and we didn't know where to go from here, so we found this dude in a little shack that said "gas station." He had some gasoline in a few cans. we bought some.

he said he'd take us to the oasis.

his daughters.

when he said he'd take us, he meant he'd drive us in our car, with his son scouting ahead on a motorcycle.

his son heading into the oasis.

it was shortly after this that i said to dianna: we can always go back to paris and spend the rest of our vacation in jamie's apartment.

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