Wednesday, July 11, 2007

desert expedition

i'm ready for a desert expedition. we left at 7 am to beat the sun.

we're approaching the edge of the oasis.

dianna mounts up on the camel's back.

in defense of this hesitation, i have to say that the camels are really stinky.

we're off! we trekked a few miles towards the ruins of an ancient roman fort in the middle of the sahara desert.

our barefoot guide. i think his name was ahmed.

our little caravan.

dianna is about to slide off the back here. riding camels isn't exactly comfortable.

we got sick of riding camels about 10 mintues after it started. so 30 minutes into the trek, we both dismounted, shed our shoes, and walked in the sand.

ahmed led the camels, and we just tagged along.

when we got the fort and wanted to explore, dianna couldn't find one of her shoes. so she wore just one.

the view from the fort. that is our oasis, ksar ghilane, in the distance.

the ruins of the roman fort. some of the inscription is still legible...

that's lehi and his family in the desert. or some bedouin.

one-shoed dianna.

dianna's shoe waiting for us in the sand on the way back.

the sand was so soft! it was more like orange baby powder than sand.

a snake trail on a sand dune.

we are racing back to the oasis, because it's starting to get hot!

the greatest lunch ever: tunisian salad. we ate this lunch almost every day.

camels on the edge of the oasis, waiting for riders.

dianna in a brazilian flag and cowboy hat at the edge of the oasis.

these guys were really excited about taking pictures with us. really really excited.

making the sand dunes collapse.

we had a lookout tower in the middle of the oasis. dianna is on the lookout for desert marauders.

our beautiful pool! it was so nice after 7 pm.

this is a photo essay of what happens when the sun sets and kimberly has a tripod.

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More pictures of baby camels!