Thursday, July 19, 2007

bad news

so i was planning on going to buenos aries for my birthday (sept. 29) and i even have tickets (so does dianna and lindsay is on the fence). then last night i decided to get more serious about planning and learned that the average temperature that time of year is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. so now i have to refund the tickets and figure out a new place to go.

i just hate being cold and i don't want to go and be cold before i need to. so...some options are (in no particular order):
  1. paris
  2. rome
  3. syria and jordan (i have friends i can stay with there)
  4. croatia
buenos aries was perfect because it is developed and a beautiful city. it is near spectacular natural wonders (iguazu falls) and it is in the same time zone. i would love to find something as awesome. awesome means: warm, beautiful, delicious food, fun out door stuff to do, cool shopping (but not too much just a couple of part days), etc. you get the picture. i am not opposed to high adventure, but i have to leave straight from this holiday on a work trip to africa. so chillaxing and playing are HIGH priorities.

so, if you have any suggestions or would like to help me make this pressing decision, please send me your words via "comments"


k8 said...

i've heard croatia is NOT to be missed.

dragonfly said...

And Barcelona!!!
Paris in September = rain and gray sky.
Rome in September = not badly, good weather and the Romans are nice!!! Croatia: Very beautiful, climate with the signal and landscapes splendid!!!

KamilahNYC said... about New york...haha:)

supersonicjan said...

croatia was my favorite! it was warm there in late march, so i'm guessing late september should be good too.

Catherine said...

How about Hawaii or Gilbert, AZ

WashingtonDegn said...

Keep your original plans...go to Buenos Aires! It is awesome! It will be early spring there, and the city is really cool. If you are willing to travel outside of BA, I've hear there are amazing beaches in Bahia Blance (a bit south of BA), and of course there is the desert in Salta and Iguazu Falls. Argentina is a little bit country and a little bit rock & roll big city. Just go!