Wednesday, July 11, 2007

bottle feeders to lotus eaters

20 km to matmata. look at that arabic script!

after the desert, we wanted to go to the beach. if the island of djerba, the land of the lotus-eaters, was good enough for Odysseus, then it's good enough for us.

this is a baby camel--4 months old. the enterprising young owner charged us 1 dinar to feed the camel a bottle of milk.

the bottle didn't last very long.

the view from the road to Djerba.

the cliffs of the port city from where we set off for djerba.

for about $.80, we drove our citroen onto this little boat and crossed the water to djerba.

our hotel was built around a beautiful tiled courtyard, and we hung out on the roof a lot--to dry our clothes, call lindsay, and throw things onto other roofs.

view from the top of the hotel. we were out of cellphone service the entire time we were in the sahara, so we were really excited about calling home when we got to djerba. hence, all the pictures from the roof.

the street below us. shopkeepers shouted to us in all kinds of languages as we walked past. they probably couldn't quite figure out where we were from. i always said 'south africa,' and dianna couldn't decide between canada, england, or the u.s. after i told them i was from south africa all the tunisians wanted to express love for nelson mandela.

tunisian sweets, that we bargained for and then abandoned.

dianna on top of the hotel.

our courtyard at the hotel.

tile. this stuff is everywhere in tunisia.

our room is the on the second floor, covered by that gorgeous flowering plant.

we are bargaining with this dude for a leather bag and some blankets.
this dress was a bit too much for a tunisian market.

dianna looking like a total dweeb after bargaining for this blanket.

this dude falls in love fast. he was really excited about dressing me up in tunisian costumes and couldn't keep his hands off my butt.
note to self: don't wear this dress shopping ever again!

the lady who cleaned our room arranged our brookstone travel pillows just so. but can you believe this bed?
just because it is beautiful, doesn't mean it is comfortable

our private beach.

crashing the radisson, with our hot legs and tripod.

sunset from the roof.

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