Monday, July 9, 2007

star wars

a lot of scenes from the star wars movies were filmed in tunisia. we're not die-hard star wars fans or anything, but when the guidebook talks about sleeping at luke skywalker's house, you just do it. so we went to matmata, where luke was raised by his aunt and uncle. the city of matmata was built by the berbers, who beat the heat by burrowing their houses underground.

this hotel was all underground passageways and little rooms like a worm's nest. we arrived after the restaurant had closed, but managed to buy some eggs and crackers at a roadside stand, and cobbled together a meal.

kimberly brushing away the roaches and rats from the hotel restaurant's kitchen.
mmmm, convenience store dinner!

this dude introduced us to a tunisian spice called 'harissa'--super hot and delicious.

we are so excited for this dinner.

dianna added popcorn to this beautiful spread.

the reception desk
if i went to an american hotel with this many american flags
i would think, this a hotel full of jingoism
you go down that hallway to get to the restaurant to make convenience store supper

our room is the one under the stairs with the door open

our room was so small! the painted white walls made this room extra-luxurious. can you believe how crazy looking this thing is?

more proof that i am not as tall as dianna

matmata, as we leave.

we half-expected thee sand-creatures to attack us as we drove out.

but instead: goats

dianna started singing and they all ran away

please notice the car

on the edge of the sahara
i kinda started to freakout

so we decided to send lindsay a postcard...
just in case

stay tuned for the desert....

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