Thursday, July 5, 2007

viva la paris

after rwanda i flew to paris, via belgium, to meet dianna to begin the "time of our lives". for the first time in my life, paris was perfect. no breakups, no rain, no horrible metro rides that got me late to the airport. this was perfect paris. delicious, kind, beautiful. this is why paris is the city of love!!!!

before i even arrived, dianna had made appointments for us to get haircuts.

clearly we were in dire need.

first haircut of 2007 (21 june) long overdue

the croatian maestro works her magic

c'est belle

docking at the mothership

teabelly happy to be "home"

mariage freres
is bar none the best tea store in the world
each time i am in paris i stop there
this time i went crazy and walked out with
$150 in tea
we got the tea of the sahara which is the best ever

this is the master of tea and calligraphy

this is the view from the 6th story window of jamie's apartment
dianna's friend jamie let us stay in her place in the 4e arrondissement de Paris
while she was away
it was phenomenal

the other direction

this is me in my favorite new dress.
dianna likes to think it is pajamas
but it is not
even if i did get it from the lingerie section of anthropologie

some place we found as we wandered around paris

this is a guy we met wandering around paris

we stumbled upon this wonder of architecture they call it
notre dame de paris
a dude named quasimodo lives there

le hotel de ville
and us
really small at the bottom

the next afternoon we went on a run along the seine and the Champs-Élysées
we looked super awesome
dianna in board shorts
and me with a supersized watch


there was some ceremony going on
seriously we were the least informed tourists in paris
we never knew where we were or what was happening

we had lunch at paul
best tuna sandwich in the world
please note the watch
it tells time, heartrate, distance, pace
these 2 things make me very happy

one of the many pretty things of paris

that evening we heard a courtyard full of french horns
because that doesn't happen every day
we decided to check it out
that is when we learned why there were so many french out and why there was so much music
it is the french way to celebrate the summer solstice
and it is wonderful

at dinner at the terrace de archieves

we realized we were in for un grand fete so we returned to jamies to get the recording equipment and drop everything else off
the sunset was so awesome that we had to take some photos
unfortunately we can't hold still long enough for time elapse photos

dianna found lots of interesting things to interview
she was in love with this car
main drawback: can't move a harp

bum che bum bum che che tst tst bum tst boooo booo
(techno doesn't transcribe well)

having the time of my life with a 1000 of my favorite french!
see if you can spot:
a french
a french thumb

the throngs

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