Tuesday, July 17, 2007

off we go to owasco

last weekend lindsay and i drove to ny to visit amy, her son ian, and the rest of the clay clan. it was awesome as always.

amy moved away a year ago and you would think i would be used to it, but i still feel sad when i drive by their old apartment.

lindsay read a book for most of the trip so i took my own side trips to take photos...

on our way to oswego, we drove through scranton, pa. for those of you who watch the office, you will appreciate this.

lakawana county statue

this is downtown scranton sideways.
i am not sure what happened here

i think this might be creed's
or maybe dwight's

we finally made it and it was so so so much fun
mark and amy (and part of dave) on an evening boat ride

my new dream house

just in case you thought i had any fashion sense...let this prove you wrong

scenes from the boat.

on saturday while most people were doing what amy is doing here: chillaxing i decided to go on a bike ride around the lake. ended up being 34 miles of pretty crazy rolling hills. some of them have a 12% grade. i thought i might die. i got up to 42 mph (going down a hill). i road with some folks in a time trial. and nearly bonked towards the end...but i made it and it felt good.

ian and his bruised noggin

the following is a photo essay of daniel eating an oreo

he wanted to give everyone kisses after this...

this is a photo essay of 18 month olds at work

be assured that he ate his fair share of the seaweed and rocks...

i bought the "sundays at the moosewood" cook book when i was in college. it was a huge investment but it seemed worth it. it was. i love it. i have always wanted to go to the restaurant and i finally got to go. it was fun. here are lindsay and amy pretending to be moose.

here they are pretending to be serious and seductively pregnant

window shopping in ithaca, ny

more window shopping
please note the mens briefs and the photo of a couple on the beach for sale
only $1.25

lindsay approaches her dream man

amy's brother david made this amazing german pancake. we devoured it. it was delish. i am hoping he will send us the recipe.

here we are saying good-bye.
lindsay and i decided to embrace our nerdiness and where our matching
moosewood shirts

i decided we should kiss amy good-bye.
it didn't really work

we will miss you clay family!!!!!
thanks a million. i want to come back right now.

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