Tuesday, October 30, 2007

raisingdc update

lindsay wrote a great recap on our raisingdc blog. the girls' parents signed papers allowing the girls to be adopted. check out the other blog for more info.

it is a wonderful ending to a pretty amazing saga. lots and lots of ups and downs. incredible highs and lows.

i keep thinking about the first time i met them. lindsay and i had been called to be their mom's visiting teachers (we visited her once a month). at the time we didn't know shelia at all and had no idea she had children. in the middle of our visit 2 little heads peaked around the corner (they we 7 and 8). their mom yelled at them to go back to their room. their curiosity wouldn't let them stay away and finally we convinced shelia to let them stay.

amazingly, lindsay and i both left with the exact same impression. our calling was not to help shelia but to help those girls. we were instantly in love with them. little did we know where that love would lead us. (i guess you never know)

i am really happy that they are given a shot a better lives. i am happy that God moved mountains so that they could find their new homes. i have so much hope for these girls. i have never met people with more promise. i have never met girls with a tougher road. but i think they will do it!

it is joyous indeed. and i think this is what i hoped l'anne de l'amusement would give to me.

everyone, the whole raisingdc cast, must be feeling crazy mix of emotions with all of this change. i just hope peace and happiness trumps them all.

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Amy Greer said...

kim, what a miracle! i'm so happy for you and lindsey and of course the girls that all has worked out so well.
i didn't realize you had your own blog until today. it's awesome! are you coming out for christmas this year? i miss you and the east coast :(