Thursday, November 1, 2007

trunk or treat

for some reason, around these parts kids don't say trick or treat all that much. they just show up, stick out their bag, and expect candy. i am either old, old-fashioned or both. but i just think if i am handing out candy i should get some song or dance. or at least some tradition following. but whatev

this year lindsay, dianna, and i dressed like a triathlon and hit the town...

swim, bike or run
take your pick

harried housewife and welder
brigham was trying to reconnect to our mission days
long live the GLBRM

princess lillie

princess diamond

a gangster dragon and his runner tiger brutha

she told me this stole her soul

daniel and desmond mixin' it up


taking a break from the exhausting work of handing out candy.

elena the macarena


he goes by the name luke,
but sure plays a mean yoda

for karis, halloween means face paint

gabby may look like daphne,
but really she is a genius


yw throw back

i don't know how this robin hood could save this maid marian
but they make a happy duo for sure

and she sings

the isaacs

scream it mar-king

the atkinsons!

laura jean all afright

jackie as cleopatra.
she wasn't quite sure who cleopatra was, tho

a witch, a swim, a bunny, and charlie brown

she can wiggle her nose just like a bunny!

proof that nursery is the best calling!

mayhem ensued
i think people realized there was fun to be had at the mormon church
and we were inundated with "neighbors"

with all the fun that the mayhem brought and having a tired biker, dianna and i headed off for east capitol street to see all the fun they do there.

this one house had a display of mannequins from the bush administration. this is condi rice as catwoman. her eyes glowed red.

rudy guiuliani as the riddler. behind him are the heroes, hillary and barak (batgirl and batman, respectively). it should be quite a contest between good and evil!

that fat penguin is dick cheney, and the wild joker is gwb. those two are having the time of their lives!

we're still puzzling over this riddle. throngs of people on the street were, too.

catwoman's kid sister, the orca.

a sampling of some of the insanely carved pumpkins around town on halloween. and only in dc would you see pumpkins carved with "McCain 08."

victory! a successful outing for team awesome.
dianna is probably excited because she stayed up past 7:30pm.
happy halloween, everyone!!


deidra said...

The Hartwells (heart) the Sakais! We like the Capitol Hill pictures! Thanks!

Amy Greer said...

wow, it looks like everyone really gets into halloween there. great costumes! yours especially of course :)

Robert said...


sorry for intruding on ur blog but I came upon it when i was researching on my trip to Tunisia and I plan to travel down almost the same route as you did to ksar ghilan as well! I would be more then greatful if you could provide me some information about your tunisia trip?

i was reading your earlier posts and realized u rented a car in Tunis? How much was the Citroen going for? I could not believe you actually went through the desert on it?! was the road well paved all the way to ksar ghilan and would u recommand it? oh i have so many questions to ask you if you can just give me some information on your trip? thank you so much for your time!

warmest regards,
robert zhao

teabelly said...

i can't remember the price of the car, i will have to check that. but we got it from a

the road to ksar ghilan was super trippy. the sand drifted over the road and you really had to just hope you made it through. having experience driving in snow helped, but only so much. we did get stuck once, but we were in the town of ksar ghilan or we would never have gotten out. everyone says you need a 4 wheeled drive, i am not so sure. we did it and it was really fun!

ask any more questions. we will try and answer. i will look for the name of the guy we rented our car from. he was awesome!