Saturday, November 3, 2007

Meet the FOKers

for my birthday party, we invented a game called meet the FOKers (friends of kimberly) to help everyone get to know each other.
the rules: "find someone at the party who's done something on this list, and get their signature. you can only use kimberly once, so choose carefully."

  • has been issued more than $1000 in parking tickets
  • has contracted malaria
  • has skinny-dipped with a co-workers
  • has broken more than three bones
  • has broken into a stranger's home
  • taught at the MTC
  • made out at the MTC
  • had a french lover
  • REALLY loves costco
  • rode a century ride -- 100 miles
  • cultivates a garden
  • currently has a warrant out for his or her arrest
  • was born under libra
  • prefers mac/apple
  • is platinum on delta
  • has been on an african safari
  • has been on a shelfari
  • has been hospitalized in a developing country
  • has written a letter to mayor fenty
  • attended the colonial ward
  • doesn't own a t.v.
  • medaled in a triathlon
  • writes a blog
  • drives a crappy old car
  • has shopped at last chance in arizona.
no one won at my party. so now it's an internet game. write me back and tell me how many apply to you, too, and you will be rewarded with a cruelty-free, locally-grown, pesticide-free and all organic meal, ala kimberly.

here are some photos from the tea party

the party planning committee
which for this party
was combined with the "finer things club"

the finer things

maryjoy entertaining a happy throng

that is one heck of a profile eileen!

me and cheese


julie g said...

what a handsome little guy you are with. and can i get a shout out for 'the finer things' club? loved the reference!

greenfrog said...

Ok, belly:

I've broken [many] more than three bones; I've broken into a stranger's home [details some other time]; I cultivate a garden, and I write a blog.

Does it count that I've shopped at Last Chance in Idaho?

KamilahNYC said...

Ok I think I may win this one:
-issued more than $1000 in parking tickets
-REALLY love Costco - who doesn't?
-prefers mac/apple - love my iphone
-have been on shelfari
-attended the colonial ward
-writes a blog
-shopped at last chance!
okay so maybe I thought it was more when I was reading the list.
Anyway, looks like a great party, sorry I missed it!

teabelly said...

last chance idaho is definitely not the same as last chance in az. last chance az is a nordstrom store. kinda like nordstrom rack, but on acid. they have awesome clothes really really cheap. a fabulous shoes. i know a guy who shopped there and bought all this brand name stuff everyday, then went home and sold it on ebay and made over a million dollars in one year.

i have never done that.

greenfrog has been beat out by kamilah. (tho greenfrog can still get a dinner if he wants).

yall have a week to compete and then the competition is closed.

Cassi said...

No way I would win, but here's what I've got:

REALLY loves Costco (Costco, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are "my stores")
Have been on Shelfari (but I still don't get the point of it)
Attending the Colonial ward (that's where I served when I was on my mission in D.C. South)
Writes a blog (I write two, do I get two points for that?)
Cultivates a garden (right now it's just herbs and citrus, but I'd like to put in a winter garden and take advantage of this year-round sunshine!)

That's about it.

acl said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like a fun and delish party - which is all to be expected. Why am I so far away? oh yeah and on bedrest.

teabelly said...

so bed rest sucks. i had to do it when i was 12 and broke my femur and was trapped by traction. one thing i did when i was there was play games.

maybe you could play the meet the FOK'ers game and come away the winner of a nice new dinner with me???

two forks said...

okay so i cheated on some of these. so with my cheating i have 8!

•had a French (read, African) lover
•REALLY loves costco
•has been hospitalized (got a shot Does that count?) in a developing country
•has been on a shelfari
•attended the colonial ward
•writes a blog
•drives a crappy old car
•has shopped at last chance in arizona

julie said...

so, i think i can compete:
-loves Costco
-attended colonial ward
-skinny-dipped (you know)
-writes a blog
-shopped at last chance in AZ (with you)
-cultivates a garden
-taught at the MTC
-was with you when you were getting injected with malaria
-how about drove across the country with you with many great pit-stops, including walking in memphis and never to be forgotten graceland? shouldn't that count for something?!
-attended yoga class with david
-have not been on shelfari, but i was a member of BAOBAB :)
-c'mon, i can give you more if you'd like...