Tuesday, November 13, 2007

no more novice travelin for me

on wednesday i was on my way to SLC for a pandemic flu exercise (more on that later), i was sick and i was working like a banshee. i had to review 6 program areas of the botswana COP (country operation plan) for PEPFAR which meant i was spread all over the place with a HUGE binder of "sensitive" info AND my laptop. i had already written a synthesis of the india COP and i needed a break. (i am amazingly productive on a plane, but i think this was bugging my seat mates as i was stuck in the middle seat in coach). i fumbled thru my stuff only to realize that i had left my headphones (the free ones you get from your iPod) in my checked bag. the guy next to me had some fancy headphones and he was sleeping (or pretending to). so the minute he woke up i asked him, ever so sheepishly, if i could borrow his headphones. he agreed.

they were awesome. i didn't have to turn the volume all the way up and i listened without too much intrusion of the engine noise and crying babies. i talked to the guy about them. his brother had given them to him and though they weren't awesome, they were the best gift he had ever received. i decided right then and there i was done with being a novice traveler.

on friday i fly to st. lucia with lindsay for thanksgiving. and i will be turning over a new leaf. accompanying me will be my QC2s (see below) and a tempur-pedic eye mask.

as i will spend more 100 hours between now and the end of the year, i think my investment will pay off. better!!!!

i am way stressed out with work, so i might end up blogging will i am on my way to st. lucia. but i want to get photos from the LDS church site visit and more... stay tuned, but be cool because, i have too much work to do right now.


lilypea22 said...

Have a great, great time in St. Lucia and I hope you get iced in again!
As an aside, I recently borrowed my father's headphones (bose) and they rocked my world. I felt like I was queen of the airplane in my little, silent world I had all to myself (with muzak ofcourse)...

Cheers to your discovery,


bekki said...

Tyler has those, so being the consummate traveller that he is, they must be worth it. (Actually, they are worth it. I use them whenver I can.)