Thursday, November 29, 2007

zambia watch out

it is a sad state of affairs when a 15.5 hour flight sounds relaxing. but it was. i was in coach and cramped. and i did do some work. but mostly i just watched a couple of movies (hairspray and talk to me) and slept. it was not too bad. though my ankles and feet got such bad edema i thought i might get stretch marks. we had a 3 hour layover in jo'burg so i got a foot massage which started to help work all the swelling down. my cankles were back as soon as we were in the air again.

not much happened. but here a couple of photos...

waiting to board my flight from jo'burg to lusaka i used the water closet a few times. this one had a special room. at first i thought it was a muslim prayer room.

but no...

it was a squatter toilet.
i was offended
i am not totally sure why
i do like these potties best! (for public going)it seemed like we were off without a hitch, but then susan's luggage didn't come
thankfully she had a good carry-on full of cloths for tomorrow

tomorrow is VIP day. we start at 8 with a meeting with the ambassador, then the country team, and then a bunch of ministerial visits. it looks like it may be the only "suit" day, so that is good. though i didn't bring one. i will just were my best dress. hopefully that will be good enough.

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lilypea22 said...

Have a good time! Turkish toilets are good for the hard-to-target thigh muscles and improve balance. Best wishes for a good visit!