Tuesday, October 23, 2007

why i love walking to work

yesterday i was inspired (i am pretty sure inspired is the right verb here) to walk to work. i had been riding my bike, but the weather was so nice blah blah blah so i walked. thank goodness!

walking out the door, i immediately noticed that there were 3 helicopters circling our neighborhood. never a good sign. thankfully it was due to the capitol is abuzz with protesters for the world bank meetings . this is what i saw.

this guy is from new mexico. he came to talk to his senator. he was really stoked. i took his picture and told him i would send him this photo if he emailed me. so i gave him by business card. as i was walking away he said "MSW? in new mexico we call them mexican social workers" i said, "i wish!" mostly because it is Country Operational Plan season for PEPFAR and anything sounds better. though maybe being a mexican social worker is the way to go? it is time for a change and all.

any time you see this on your way to work, you know the day won't be half bad!

so as i am meandering through the crowd i walked past the lady with the blow horn. when suddenly 4 cops came up and picked up this windmill made of bamboo and cardboard. the protesters had set it in the grass (they had asked permission) but these punk cops decided that it wasn't okay.

i really was disturbed by the machismo of this whole scene

the protesters started shouting "free our windmill"

the blow horn lady shouted "just like bush to steal beautiful and good things and treat them like crimes"
seriously, how do people come up with this stuff?

i think the cops got in trouble...i hope. i had to get to work, but i thought i saw them carrying the bamboo pretend windmill back...

World Bank Protesters Keep Police Busy on Capitol Hill
Monday, Oct. 22, 2007; 10:55 am

Nearly 60 people have been arrested this morning on Capitol Hill — and more arrests could occur throughout the day — as an array of groups hold protests for causes entered on the annual meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.
Eleven people were arrested early this morning for unlawful assembly and incommoding at the Cannon House Office Building, and 10 more were arrested in the Cannon Rotunda. Police also arrested seven people on the sidewalk outside of Cannon.

Near the intersection of New Jersey and Independence avenues Southeast, protesters sat in the middle of the road shortly after 8 a.m., forcing police to temporarily divert traffic. Twenty-six people were arrested for unlawful assembly.

Just as police reopened the street, another group of protesters then took the road, forcing police to arrest an additional five people for unlawful assembly, including two minors. The streets have since been reopened.

Protests have taken place throughout Washington, D.C., in the past several days as officials gather at the World Bank and the IMF for annual talks. Several streets near those offices remain closed.

— Elizabeth Brotherton

Copyright 2007 © Roll Call Inc. All rights reserved.


andi said...

Once again I am not in on the party. The pain it causes me to just watch from afar and not be there wearing the Condi bobble head costume myself.

Annie & Doug said...

Is that seriously all in a days walk to work? My two minute drive to work last year was LAME!