Monday, October 8, 2007

biking in dc and the eastern shore

to say i've caught the cycling bug would be an understatement. i realized today that the reason i was feeling so yucky had nothing to do with my spider bite on my shoulder and everything to do with a lack of protein. i have ridden about 175 miles in the last week and a half and haven't really been monitoring my protein intake. this is a mistake for a pescatarian like myself. today i was wanting so badly to go on a ride, but just felt miserable and achy and then started craving chicken (chicken???!!!) . so i grabbed dianna, who also wasn't feeling good and we went to chicken out and pigged out on chicken. and i did feel better. though the truth is, i don't really like chicken.

dianna and i have been on some beautiful rides during this indian summer. here are a few photos...

preping for a ride to mount vernon

@ mt. vernon
dianna is talking to lindsay. this makes her ecstatic.

the river on the way home

on saturday, we decided to do a early morning ride on the eastern shore. i guess i was the only one who decided; dianna stalled all day. she later confessed that she really didn't want to go. at 4:pm we headed out for the eastern shore. at 5 we mounted our bikes for a 33 mile ride.

we had to take this ferry during our ride.
it was gorgeous and fun
but please note the angle and color of the sun light
we are smack dab in the middle of the ride at this point

we waited for about 20 minutes

the whole ferry thing took about 45 minutes. we didn't really pay attention to what we were doing and our cue sheet had us take a long detour into a quaint little town called st. michaels and then turn around. long story short we should have just gone straight back to the car from the ferry. we ended up riding in the pitch black night. there was no moon, no streetlights, and we didn't have reflectors, lights, or even bright clothing. it was a harrowing ride. dianna and i couldn't see each other. cars couldn't see us. we couldn't see obstacles in our way. i am sure that God protected us on this ride. i cannot believe we didn't crash.

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