Friday, September 7, 2007

waking up in amsterdam and working in dc

the other day i eastern market was all aflurry with activity. turns out they are filming a movie "body of lies" in the dc area. the movie is aptly named as it supposedly takes place in amsterdam, but is really at eastern market.

they were filming a car bombing terrorist attack. so on my way to work i passed by the body of lies...
notice they are in coats. it was about 90 with a humidity of abotu 40%. so miserable even summer clothes. more lies

i got bored because they wouldn't let us really onto the set; imagine that. so i decided to go to work. i spotted this bus on the way.

then there was this protest
more like france than holland
i don't think they were striking though, so maybe holland?

on the way home from work there was a helicopter hovering over my house
at least that is what i thought
it was filming
in light of eastern market rescently burning down,
seeing all this smoke and stuff was actually kinda troubling

you can see some of the market wherein i got flowers and veggies for free

dead dummies
guess that is what you get

filming from the roof top

so i will have to see this movie now. lindsay committed to seeing it even if it is R rated.
wow! this is some serious business!!!

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andi,andi,andi said...

Oh I just HATE it when your blog is better than mine!!! Why oh why am I not in DC and watch all the movie making and baby parties? I must now go cry myself asleep ... yet again.