Wednesday, September 26, 2007

terracycle wins. sort of.

the folks at scotts-miraclegro seem to have caved entirely in the face of overwhelmingly negative press coverage of their lawsuit against terracycle, our favorite worm poop kings. they all but dropped the lawsuit, even tho they're spinning it like a settlement.

i like to think npr's feature was the rock that broke scotts' face.

i secretly wish that the lawsuit would have gone to court, so that tom szaky and team could come out as the clear winner. but this is a good consolation prize: they won't spend millions of dollars on litigation, and instead can invest in developing more worm poop products.

speaking of worms, my own are doing well. they eat a lot and make lots of highly nutritious fertilizer for my houseplants and garden.

i know my readers are riveted to this story, so i'll keep the terracycle updates coming!!!


goat said...

If Scotts got TerraCycle to change the claims made on their packaging then it sounds like a settlement to me. Didn't Scotts get what they wanted, or is there more to the story?

Grasshopper said...

I think there should be more stories about worm poop. I look forward to the day when worm poop is on the evening news instead of all those other sad things...