Sunday, September 2, 2007

Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soap, Hemp Peppermint

i decided that i was going to do product reviews, hopefully once a week. it will probably not happen that consistantly. but there are some many things that i have/use that make my life better that i decided i would share them i feel kinda materialistic, though i think i already started with the "can-o-worms". i still love that contraption.

so the first official product review of l'année de l'amusement is of Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soap, Hemp Peppermint.
i love the peppermint soap. it is so minty and clean feeling. though i am not sure it can live up to the claim that it will wash away dirt and sin, you are really clean afterward.

in the heat of the summer washing with this is better than walking into an ice box. the mint oils stays on your body and leaves a delicious cool. after working out, i shower with it and not only do i smell great but i get a little mint muscle massage. it is kinda tricky to use when it is cold, because it can make you feel even colder. so i usually switch soaps when it is really cold.

it is all natural and organic. and easily biodegradable and from sustainable ingredients. you feel like a champion of the environment when you use it. and it makes an AMAZING bath! i put a couple of squirts in my baths and just relax and reinvigorate. it is awesome.

some friends have used it to clean clothes, i haven't tried it yet, but i am thinking i might have to.

just take care using can make some parts of your body extra tingly. ZING!!

also awesome, is that dr. bronner is kinda crazy. this is the label to the soap:
if you click on this it should open a window and you can read all about this man's crazy rantings. while writing this post is that i learned that there is a new documentary out about dr. bronner. here is a link to the trailer. it will be showing at the jewish film festival in december here is dc, so i am going to have to go see this... let me know if you want to join me. apparently he escaped an insane assylum and then started the company. he was more concerned with uniting the universe than anything.

npr's weekend edition did a story on him in july.
Weekend Edition Sunday, July 8, 2007 · Robert Smith speaks with Sara Lamm, director of the new documentary film Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox. Emmanuel Bronner, a chemist, escaped from a mental institution and developed his own brand of peppermint soap that has a variety of uses. He also covered the label with religious and philosophical sayings. Dr. Bronner's son Ralph also joins the conversation to discuss his father's mission and life work.

if you have never tried this soap, you should. you will LOVE it. i almost got a bottle for everyone for christmas because i knew, in the end they would love that gift most.

Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soap, Hemp Peppermint receives a l'année de l'amusement 10 score. based on the efficacy and style of the product, the eco-friendliness of the company, and they get a couple extra points for being so interesting. there is nothing like this stuff.


jamie said...

Well hello!! So good to hear from you. love the that the blogging world has brought us together. I love your blog, it will definitely be one i frequent. :) And i will definitely take you up on a visit, maybe over some sushi or something, when i make it to DC.

Kate said...

I've seen the stuff at Sprouts and been tempted to buy it because the lable is so crazy! Now I will have to try it out.

Is there a cinnamon version for winter?