Monday, September 10, 2007

ED in 08

in support of holly, my temporary roommate and new friend; KIPP schools; my mom who was an educator while i was growing up; and children all over l'annee de l'amusement wants to call all readers to check out kayne west promoting, kinda ridiculously, the ED in 08 mission.

holly was at the filming and staffed kayne the whole time. while they were in the hotel they ran into vanna...holly instigated the following photo

holly is on the vanna's left. i am more interested though in who the guy is next to vanna who like to think he is ED. he is cute. i can't believe you never mentioned that.

anyway, go voters. no matter what you think about troop withdrawal, surge, deficit spending, universal healthcare, green energy etc. i think we all agree that education is super important. so check it out...

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