Friday, September 7, 2007

segs in the city

a couple of weeks ago ali called and announced that she had a free ticket that needed to be used. she asked if she could come visit and i of course said yes. i explained my travel schedule and suggested either november or march to which she responded: "how about next weekend?" i was planning to go to corning again to visit diane, but i couldn't say no to ali. we had the most delightful and delicious weekend. she needed a break from h 3 boys and one man. so, for the first time in 8 years this little ali came to see me and got a break from all of her men. she says she loved it and is going to recommend it to all of our mommy friends. so for those of you like aimee, mikki, bekki, et. al. get out here.

here is ali and dianna hanging out
turns out they are the same height and that ali was able to
ride dianna's bike and wear her cycling clothes
thanks lady d.
these 2 crazies are about to leave for london here
ali and i took them and then started the shopping and eating extravagganza

here is fizzy kimmy drinking a grapefruit fizzy izzy
ali's got the grape one
they are to die for

i got ours at marvelous market
we also got some half price sushi at marvelous and ate caprese sandwiches
we then stayed up late talking and watching
arrested development!

the next "morning" we woke up an went on a bike ride
we road through rock creek park to the temple
it was super fun
ali really like the smooth ride of dianna's ultra awesome bike

after the ride we showered up and walked around eastern market.
peaches and nectarines are in season
we were really loving our lives!

we shopped a bunch at anthro so much that we started getting hungry....
really hungry
and that is never a good thing for m
so we left in a rush to go get sushi
and then saw heritage india and decided that indian sounded better than sushi
go figure
so i over ordered so much that we later had another FULL meal

then it was time to hit the mall
this is ali next to some people representing the poor of the depression
at the FDR memorial

this was an artsy shot that didn't work

nerds near lincoln
i have to say that even though i have been to these monuments 100s of times
and i kinda think they are ostentatious
the quotes in them are super inspiring
and i always end up crying at least once

i tried to awaken this injured soldier with a kiss
the photo of the first kiss didn't work
then there were people with kids walking by
so we ended up abandoning my princesses charming moment
i think we could have had something

we went to the garden everyday to water
here i am standing on my compost bin
watching over my kingdom where i alone have dominion
after church on sunday ali and i took a segway "safari"/tour of embassy row and the cathedral.
check out the segs in the city website
you will get to watch a short video about what we did

here is ali learning from our safari master bill how to ride a segway
here i am, ready for anything

us, our segs, and the mahatma

rock creek park

the iranian embassy
it has been like this since 1979 when diplomatic relations were cut off
they own this building, but their assets were frozen
so it just sits there empty

a moment of silence for iraq
they are the newest kids on the block
but the embassy is not that cool looking

we road up mass to the cathedral
shortly after this photo was taken i drove my segway right into a pole
it made a very loud noise
and i felt kinda dumb

if you look closely you will see that there is a different color of roof on the cathedral
it is by design
apparently people that this cathedral was SO perfect that they had to make it flawed
or it would be an insult to God, the only Being able to make perfect things
i think it is kinda silly, because i can assure you the building isn't perfect.

ali and churchill
churchill has one foot in america and one in england
we think it is because he misses his mother who was an american
roast on england!

then we slept in until noon, well ali did
i was moving around, albeit slowly

we eventually left and ate at:
because we are


there must be more photos. we though were pretty lazy on monday. but we had an AWESOME time, at least i did. i am so glad ali came. please come back soon!!

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4aks said...

Hi! Found this blog via your linkedin link

Hope to see you on the frisbee field this season

And I need to try out one of those Segways!