Monday, September 10, 2007

there were two...

last week we had a baby shower for katie and elaine. they are due one day apart and share many of the same friends so they figured why not? i think it is more fun to do it this way.

here is the crew
at least part of it

the mommies-to-be

one happy momma

and another

jane , our amazing relief society president,
knitted/crocheted, i have no idea what
these blankets.
nothing beats handmade gifts

a fearsome duo if i ever saw one

say it as tho a tree were falling

i am not sure why elaine looks so scared
maybe because there is someone inside her stomach that could wear all this
and maybe because that someone is going to have to come out

meredith, ever thoughtful and japansese loving, found these cute books!

kim said, "because every girl needs one"
she knitted both baby girls black dresses
and then later told me she decided to do it on monday
who are these people?
i sucked at taking photos at this party. i was too distacted, surprise, but it was as fun as elaine looks in this photo.

and as katie looks in this one

i saw this quote on a birth announcement the other day and thought it apropos for this post, in more ways than one.

“There were two and now there's a third human being, a new spirit, finished and complete, unlike the handiwork of man; a new thought and a new love . . . it's positively frightening. . . . And there's nothing grander in the world.” -- dostoyevsky, the possessed

love, congrats, and good luck to both of you!!!


andi,andi,andi said...

Does this mean I have to make some hand made treasure (say like: "trey-sure") and fedex it out there?

Katie and Scotty said...

I love the quote! These are great pictures, Kimberly! Thanks again for throwing us the was a great party and we had a blast!