Monday, May 7, 2007

smith mountain tri

cinco de mayo was a physical celebration for the little tri team here on capitol hill. scott, dianna, and i went down to smith mountain lake, va to do a sprint tri (750 m swim, 20 k bike, 5 k run). we missed lindsay and mike who couldn't do the race because they were both reeling from various illnesses. hopefully they will join us next time. it was scott's first, and i think he really liked it, even though he was riding on his wife's bike that was much too small and in a wet suit that was also too small. scott definitely gets kudos for being a good sport in what could have been an emasculating weekend.
on the way down (4.5 hours southwest of dc) we stop at general lee's winter headquarters.
my mom claims we are direct descendants.
i haven't seen proof (except that we are kinda rebel rousers)
but i will claim the relation
then i forgot to take photos until we were unloading the bikes at the tri
we ran into some friends who were also doing it. i feel like a midget in all of these photos!

especially this one!

i am on my tip toes here
and on the highest part of the beach
the new and improved spidy

the water was really really cold!!!!

scott coming out of the water!
yeah scott!!!!!

i was struggling to get my cap and goggles off. lost the goggles. couldn't get my dumb wetsuit off at transition! it was a horrible transition

dianna coming out fo the water
she beat that guy!

and she is off on the bike
returning from the hilly bike ride!

scott is back from the bike
you can tell it is too small

off on his run
not sure why he is thumbs down

off on my run
it was awesome because for the first time ever
i was excited to run after the bike

dianna off on her run
her come scotty for the home stretch
this is me kicking right at the end.
the problem was i kicked really hard and had way more left in me.
i should have kicked earlier or at least run the race harder.

dianna's final kick
dianna's home stretch.

adn then i pretty much just vegged out all weekend. we ate good food. stayed in a lame house in a beautiful location. watched some silly movies. and slept alot. it was awesome. i can't wait for the next race. though my legs are really sore today!

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Snowbunny said...

You are totally hard core.
We shall go to Montemarte this week - Friday perhaps and celebrate!