Tuesday, May 22, 2007

day old sushi is never a good idea

food poisoning is not fun, no matter what the marketers tell you. sat. morning on my way from aimee's house to the airport i decided it would be a good idea to eat a couple pieces of the sushi i brought back from our sushi nite. it tasted good enough. clearly i am not as in tune as curt is. he put a piece in his mouth and started chewing it and then thought "i shouldn't eat this" and spit it out. i never got that revelation so i ate about 5 pieces and then went to the airport. about 5 hours later i had no appetite and about 7 hours later i was throwing up. add a few more hours and i had lost all control. stuff coming out of my body any way it could. wrenching, violent vomiting. the kind that splashes back up into your face (it was a definite low point). i couldn't keep anything down. no water no nothing. so after about 5.5 hours of intense misery dianna and lindsay thought to call the hospital. because it was sushi that we assumed had made me so sick they told them to get me to the hospital STAT! so we almost took an ambulance -- i am so glad we didn't do that. and headed out. they gave me some IV fluids and some medicine to stop the nausea and cramping. and it helped. i am kinda mad i went to the hospital, but i think i really needed the fluids. i am still wiped out. i went to work for a couple of hours this morning but really wasn't up for it. i am really sad because this means that my training is being disrupted yet again. so hopefully this will pass. i miss eating real food and feeling so base.


greenfrog said...


I'm glad you survived. It sounded awful.

deidra said...

Thanks for the warning. Chris and I went out for sushi, but after eating most of his food, I couldn't finish mine. I brought it home, but didn't get to it the next day. I decided it wasn't worth risking it.