Tuesday, May 22, 2007

phx for work

so i got to go to phoenix for work. it was less cool than i thought it would be. it is weird to have two worlds run together. but it was nice to get to see some people and hang out in the hot dry weather.

i was there of the white house's conference for community and faith-based organizations. it was a big conference and i had to give an impromptu presentation. but it all went well and i met some people doing some really amazing stuff.

one day i had to work from my hotel room because of some crazy deadlines and kept getting interrupted by this guy who was screaming (vitriolic screams) about the Holy Ghost and stuff. i really couldn't get the gist of what he was saying. then he would break out his keyboard (seen here) and play new aged navajo anthems. it was really weird and totally distracting.

this is the view from my hotel room

here i am at work with kim from the CDC and elizabeth from my office.

once work was done i decided to hang out in az for a couple of days and do things like get pedicures with ali and aimee.
i also ate at lulu's and cafe rio alot
hang out. we had fun the last night i was there the allred and packard girls, with cousin katie, all got together to reminiscing and then started debating political issues and got all worn out. but this is before the party dismantled.

if i were ever to live on a commune, i would live with these 5 women.
i miss you all ready.
come see me.
we would eat well, be smart and have a good time.

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Curtis said...

Sorry I missed you sounds like you had fun. The IV's were a good call for the food posioning. How does the garden grow?