Tuesday, May 1, 2007

restore eastern market!

here are some blurbs i am getting from people in the neighborhood. if you are in the area. come to the market this weekend. it is the annual eastern market celebration anyway and i hear the show is going on. it will be a fun weekend and i think a strong showing of support will show the city that this place is important to us!

also, i was quoted in the post today...you can see it here.

Eastern Market is the heart and soul of the Capitol Hill Community. It is the oldest continuously operating food market in the city, and the center of life in our community. The devastating April 30th fire destroyed the roof and shut down operations in the South Hall. The bricks and mortar can be fixed and the building preserved.

What we must also preserve are the lives and businesses of the people who make up the Eastern Market community.

When the market reopens we want these people back with their fish and chicken and vegetables and cheese and smiles.

You can make your tax deductible contribution in support of the merchants of Eastern Market by clicking here. This is a 501(c)(3) fund being set up to support merchants and employees displaced by the Eastern Market fire. The sizable contribution by the Capitol Hill Restoration Society gives me confidence that this fund will be put to good use, so I plan to make a contribution.

Spread the word. I'm sure this will end up on many listservs, but the more times people read it, the better participation we will get. Please consider making a donation to neighborhood restoration today.

Finally, I would encourage everybody to get down there and patronize the stores and stalls that are able to reopen. I understand the flea market and perhaps even the farmers market will be open this weekend and accommodations may be made for as many other vendors as possible. I'm going to keep my ears open for other ways to help, including keeping the pressure on our elected officials for a prompt restoration.

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