Monday, April 23, 2007

You Are What You Grow

my friend trent sent me this NYT article today: here. the writer describes the weakness of farm subsidies and how these subsidies affect not only the american diet, but the mexican diet as well (see the tortilla crisis); global warming and the environment; and poverty in third world countries.

it might seem like a stretch, but he makes a compelling argument. i have to say that it feels good to not be owned by the american food industry. i get most of my produce from my garden or the csa. i get my dairy and other stuff (bread & eggs) from an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania. i never ever shop in the middle of a grocery store (except for mint herb tea). i just get food. and it just kinda feels good to be out of that. i don't have to go to the store that often. and my food tastes so much better!

i don't want to sound snarky (which i think i do). but i think this is worth paying attention to.


greenfrog said...

Thanks for posting this. After we talked last week about it, I've been thinking that I need to find a CSA-like thing in my area. It sounds pretty nice.

BTW, when I went to the page you linked to csa, I was taken back to my childhood. One of the places we used to go for campouts was Croom airport, which was just a grassy strip carved out from the trees. The pictures from the csa website look like exactly the same place I remember camping (in the rain) as a kid.


Snowbunny said...

How do you get those nifty links in the body of your blog!?