Saturday, April 14, 2007

easter garden improvements

my dad came to visit for easter. mostly he came to fix stuff. we really didn't do any tourist stuff. he missed the cherry blossoms by a couple of days, but thankfully our cherry tree in the back hadn't really peaked so he got to see that. we went to sushi and got thai take out and ate at eastern market once. but pretty much, it was one of those visits where you mostly just chill out and do chores.

no more interrogations in my bedroom

we had easter with tomicah and sarah; kimber and dave; and libby and gabriel.
the food was amazing: lamb (i had a bite); roasted potatoes, carrot ginger soup, hummus, candied turnips, yummy salad, and fresh baked cookies.
though, eli was the star of the show

this means more
we don't call him buddha for nothing.

my dad had this toy that he wanted to take pictures of in front of all sorts of dc sites.

this is a tribute to my grandfather who was a gunner
in the coast guard during WWII

this is the WWII monument. also a tribute to my grandfather.

here is a hawk.

this is in front of my office.
sadly, i was unable to see all this stuff with my dad
he actually walked by himself completely across town
from my house to
george washington university

this is the cherry tree in the back yard.

my dad and i decided to fix the boxes in my garden and get a drip hydration system installed
we only got the boxed fixed and the stand built for the water container. hopefully next weekend i will get the hydration system installed.
it was twilight when we went to take these photos. i was really really surprised that this actually worked. but if you look really close you can see the beginnings of our lettuce box growing...
this is a blurry version of our garden.
i am so excited!

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