Thursday, April 5, 2007

cherry blossoms!

over the weekend DIANNA and i were both sick. eli also feel at the park and chipped his front teeth. we were all really pathetic, but it was nice to be able to be pathetic together.

disheartened eli
i feel you little buddy

the only healthy one of the bunch became crafty

by monday i thought the flu was over or at least winding down so we decided to
meet lindsay at the tidal basin to see the cherry blossoms

why are those stupid stickers still on?
my favorite fish market in dc

looking like pros
(please note DIANNA's helmetless head. any time this happens
you can rest assured a lecture will occur about TBIs, responsibility
and the requisite recount of my own disastrous crash sans helmet
wherein bones were broken, skin was scarred, and retrograde amnesia was experienced)

ant's view

i looked out the window and what did i see?

but tuesday i was still not well, so i stayed home again
but after sleeping all day
and having a coach tell me i needed about 60 to 90 minutes on my saddle
we decided to go for a real easy ride around haines point
this is what it looked like
fair and balanced?

but wednesday morning i woke up with the worst headache of my life
i stayed in bed all day, laying on my back because any other position hurt
DIANNA came over at 10:pm and we called her mom who gave the diagnosis of a sinus infection

so at 12:25 am thursday morning dianna and i went to arlington urgent care. they gave me amoxicillin. we then went to 3 different 24 hour CVS pharmacies. the first pharmacist literally yelled at me and then DIANNA when we asked to get our prescription filled. (his system was updating and he was really mad) then we went to the CVS in dupont. same thing. she didn't yell per se but she was VERY snarky. finally the M street CVS and sweet Gideon saved the day. so now i have sudafed and amoxicillin, no sense of smell, and a cycling coach that i am not really impressing with my speed and discipline.


two forks said...

dc cvs are notorious for bad service in the middle of the night... especially when it comes to filling much needed perscriptions!!! i feel your pain (especially with the dupont one!)

on a sidenote... do you guys know a dri ralphs? i visit teach her and she said she knows you guys.

KamilahNYC said...

Such trauma you have been through!! I hope you feel better and looking at the pictures made me realize that I am really missing the Cherry Blossoms! :)

Dianna said...

I only go helmet-less when I'm a little woozy from being sick and the motorists are all staring at the scenery. Ideal conditions.

Isaac and Daniel Cook said...

Amoxicillin never works for sinusitis. Sorry guys, you need Augmentin!