Friday, February 23, 2007

weird craigslist stories

so some weird craigslist moments occured trying to sell this dresser:

first dude (kinda middle easterny, late 30's, tall, skinny) walked into my house like cosmo kramer. looked at the dresser and loved it. he was all jittery and shifty. then told me he had just been laid off
i got a little weirded out
then he asked me where an atm was
and i told him, but he was hardly paing attention.
i told him i was sorry he was laid off.
he launched into a long tiraid about being laid off and how he had just moved here etc, then he told me he should probably just forget it and left like kramer.

second guy
(mid 50's, african american, about 5'10, kinda middle aged puggy)
comes in
hands me $50
tells me his wife is a pack rat
looks at the dresser and says it is fine
asks to go potty: sure, please remove your shoes
taking shoes off is kinda tricky
returns and sits on the steps to put his shoes on and tells me that he is getting the dresser to furnish a house to teach children from all over america about the american revolution.
i tell him that is cool and ask if he does re-enactments. he looks at me like i am on pot and asks for a piece of paper.

then he tells me that 1/4 does not equal 1/4. he draws all sorts of squares and cubes and talks at length about compound interest. lasts about 20 minutes (meanwhile my uber late lunch is boiling over)
it is totally bizaare, then i ask him if he wants help getting the dresser out. he does. once it is in the car he tells me i am cool and gives me a hug.

craigslist . . .

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KamilahNYC said...

Gotta love craigslist! So funny!