Saturday, February 24, 2007

the lot

from my good friend -- as if he were a brother-in-law in fact. he is a filmmaker in CA. still trying to get a big break. so i thought i would try and help him out... please make your opinions known...

Hi -

I've recently applied for a reality show called ON THE LOT. Now before you mock me here's a quick blurb about it:


On the Lot is the groundbreaking new show brought to you by reality show mastermind, Mark Burnett, and legendary producer and director, Steven Spielberg. Over the season, the 16 filmmakers will produce short films in every genre every week and the viewers will vote on who gets eliminated. The winning filmmaker will take home a $1 Million development deal!

Sounds pretty awesome. Right? Here's where you fit in.

While the producers of the show have the ultimate say on who gets in, there's currently an online forum where the public can log in and rate films and filmmakers. It's certain that filmmakers who generate a lot of online buzz will at the very least be interviewed. The log in process is quick, easy and most of all FREE. I've gotten some positive feedback but I want more... much more.

I'm asking two things

1. Go to
a. Watch my film
b. Log in so you can rate it
c. Leave a post, or create buzz in any other way you can think of.

2. Forward the link to everyone that you think might be the least bit interested.
Encourage them to forward it to everyone they know.

With your help (and the help of all your friends and their friends) I'm sure I can at least get an interview with Mark and Steven. WIth a little luck maybe I can land the deal with DreamWorks!

Since I've already promised ALL of you roles in any movie that I ever make there's not much else I can say except that I would appreciate the chance to compete and that it could be a lot of fun for you to watch me get worked on national television.

Please don't be shy with your online praise and feel free to email me directly with any questions. I haven't heard from many of you for awhile and it would be great to catch up. I'll keep you updated as things progress.



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