Friday, February 16, 2007

the new democracy

i know, you probably want to see pictures from the fun of st. lucia...those are coming. but this is easier right now. plus i think democracy is fun!

my friend jed works for a cool new company called where you can post events and demand events. he's been working for the past month and a half on The Eventful Politics Project.

i just got this note from him
"Sometime last night people started using Eventful Demand to ask Hillary Clinton to come speak in their town. She's blowin up! You can see the list of places demanding her here.

Hillary Clinton Eventful Demand Map

If any of you want to do me a favor (you do), you could go to eventful, search for your favorite candidate (or pundit, or senator, or rep, or band, etc) and click on the "Demand me!" button on their profile and tell them to come speak to you."

i am NOT endorsing hillary. i just think this process is cool. i will endorse a candidate in no more than 9 months.

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