Friday, February 16, 2007

partyin' in the arid zone

as we headed out for our 4 climate travel extravaganza we had to bring a heap of luggage. all of paulette's clothes and ours for all the up coming activities.

thank goodness lindsay and i have status with delta. we got to ride in first class and were able to check heavier bags :)

travel attire ala l'pro

we were pretty bored in the atl waiting for our flight. we scoped out the delta sky lounge for hot men and only found the guy over my shoulder. i am not sure why we do this, because we would never do anything about it.

while the raising dc end of the things was stressful and exhusting (not to mention sopping wet and freezing cold), we had a lot of fun hanging out with my original fRamily: the packards and the allreds. here are some highlights.

we went to mikki's to have homemade pizza ala seth. this is kristin with one crazy red pepper.

this is much cuter of kristin. and i think the red pepper looks sweeter too

rockin to michael buble

the keller's awesome hometeaching team

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