Sunday, August 19, 2007

what's it feel like for an irongirl?

This IS your Coronation, to The Journey you began in 2006 or , in some cases in 2007

Now, Your Best is in Front of YOU

Be Great and Never , Never ... EVER Give UP !!

Simply BE Great !!

Rob Vigorito, Race Director and The Iron Girl Columbia Race Team

i woke up to this note in my inbox. this was an excited triathlon, and they sent out a lot of emails leading up to the race. they like exclamation points, and they like to capitalize random words. anyway, liz, dianna and i were among the 2100 women racing in the 2007 iron girl.

i was supposed to do this race last year but i was so out of shape and depressed that i didn't. i hope this becomes a tradition. it was the best organized race i have ever participated in.

we got these wristbands so that we wouldn't have to deal with any security or id checks at the race. we also got our AWESOME race shirts, bar none the best i have ever had, and a really cool water bottle. if you want free stuff, this race had it goin' on!

they had us set up our bikes the night before. i was kinda bugged because i am UBER neurotic about my bike getting lost, damaged, or stolen. but in the end i actually liked the policy because i didn't have to worry about it the morning of. here is elizabeth pumping her tires the night before.

we were so pleasantly surprised to find that our bikes had a special place with our names on them. it was awesome because it meant that there was no cramming for the good spots.

our race bibs also had our names printed under our numbers. i LOVED this. as we ran people would shout out your name and cheer. it is really really amazing how much a little "you go girl," "keep going kimberly," "awesome climb" etc helps when you're struggling thru the race. it really makes a difference.

i decided that each time i passed someone on my ride or run, i would shout their name and cheer them on. this seriously made the race. you could literally feel it lift people. it was amazing.

here is elizabeth the night before the race LOVING her bib and doing a little cheer.
we decided just to stay in ellicot city (45 minutes away from dc) because the race started at 6:50am and we didn't want to have to get up super early to drive up there.
so here we are at the turf valley resort. random that we stayed at a golf resort, but we had an awesome huge room with a comfy bed.

this is us leaving bright and early
we kept forgetting the camera so our photos are few.
we didn't take any photos pre-race because we just barely got there in time. the heats were really spread out so i ended up being finished before liz and dianna transitioned to their bikes.
i got to get these photos of dianna. unfortunately, i left the transition area before liz came for fear that i would miss dianna's finish.

from bike to run with a new pair of sox

the run start. i wish i would have paid more attention to the race course before it all started. when i transitioned from bike to run, i couldn't figure out where to run was so i followed the swimmers and ended up running an extra 150/200 yards. DOI!

there were tons of scenes like this:
mommy with 2 daughters holding hands as the cross the finish line.

here is dianna running to here finish line.
i think she kinda looks like an ad for Zoot
good job dianna, that is some awesome form!

after her coronation, this princess likes to eat bananas and potato chips

all racers had their number written in magic marker down their arms, and their ages on their calves. here are my calves.
lots of iron girls liked my smiley leg as we passed each other.
i think i will have to do this each time.

that is one serious nerd! but how awesome is that little medal around my neck?

we all are winners! it was so so so fun! thanks girls for doing it with me. lets do it again next summer!!!!

and a special thanks to my friend katie clifford who introduced me to the race and then got me and my two friends into it! we owe you a huge thanks! if you come to dc i can assure you we will treat you like an irongirl (which is better than a queen!!!!!)

This IS your Coronation, to The Journey you began in 2006 or , in some cases in 2007

Now, Your Best is in Front of YOU

Be Great and Never , Never ... EVER Give UP !!

Simply BE Great !!


k8 said...

i am SO glad you ladies had a great time!!! it really is such a cool race, i'll have to come out next year!

Kate said...

Someday I'm going to be in that great of shape!!! It may be in the eternities, but I want to know first hand what it feels like to be an "Iron girl!"

You are so cool Kim!

Kate said...

You are so cool Kim! I love your blog, thanks for sending me the link!

I'm asked Kevin for a can o' worms for Christmas!

julie g said...

you da bomb, girl. can't believe you did another race. very, very inspiring!

andi,andi,andi said...

That Liz, I tell you. She is the happiest person I have ever met. As for the form letter ... you have everything you need for your next sacrament meeting talk.