Sunday, August 19, 2007

my last letter from rob

The Dream & Journey Become The... Reality
August 19, 2007

Aug 20, 2007

The Day After...

So you made a committment to yourself or a friend or family member months ago. You started on a journey to what you hoped would have a very happy ending. Yesterday near 1800 of you, became an... Iron Girl!

WE all want to say Bravo to you. To those pre entered who did not make the event, you did miss one very special day and one for the history books

The morning started out with a fine mist and light rain at 3 am when many of the team arrived at Centennial Lake. WE set out upon our tasks to insure all was ready to the big day to begin. WE parked 1200+ cars!! WE bodied marked all, you got ready and we could see many of you with that glare at the swim start corral, that many were nervous and anxious but ready to get it ON!! The start horn went off at 06:45 after our 83 'F Lake. There was barely a ripple on the surface!! You exited the swim and headed out of ther hilly bike route. The roads were a challenge. You survived that one... you got back , headed out on ther final leg, the 3.4 mile run. Yes it was not a true 5 K. You did more!! You came upon our Village People Team at the Gatorade Wall... Surprise!! WE hope you liked that touch and final inspiration to get you up that nasty climb. From there it was about a 0.5 mile downhill and flat rush to the finish line. You could hear the cheers and the music from afar!! As you came around that final turn and headed down that finishing straight, your name was announced and You became an Iron Girl!!

WE hope this was the beginning of the rest of your life. There were so many tears and so much joy at the finishline. The event was for us and all, a huge success... Just like we planned it to be and hoped it would be as well.

Now it is up to you to take that moment , that feeling ,and do something more with it. WE hope you will never forget being a part of this historic event and what it felt like to accomplish and achieve a Dream...A Journey.

Entry for Iron Girl Columbia 2008 will open later this year so watch for it. Be Ready

As a final touch and as I sign off this one last time, I want you to recall and remember the Tribute I played for you Race Morning , when many of you may still have been a bit asleep perhaps or were busy getting ready to perform at your best.

Here is a link to my opening Tribute to All of you.

It is from" Yanni, Live At The Acropolis", entitled Santorini.

I hope you have Windows or some other Media program to hear it as it is full of energy and will send some chills through you, I know. Close your eyes and imagine what Aug 19, 2007 at 06:20 am was like and tell all your friends what and how you felt!!

Ohene Oh Ka La,( Until We Meet Again, in Hawaiian)

Rob Vigorito and The RYKA Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon Team

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