Sunday, June 10, 2007

the police state

i take my camera almost every day on my walk to work, because i often see crazy stuff. but for whatever reason, i don't have my camera when the craziest stuff happens. but not so last week... as i got to penn ave. sirens went CRAZY and everything (except pedestrians) came to a halt. great big barrier things came up and traffic was diverted. all because of the soda terrorist.

here it is. the canada dry truck

i would love to know what prompted all of this.
i was late to work so i couldn't stop to figure out what was going on.

this picture makes me so sad. he looks so nervous and innocent

surprise...sodas and snack foods. what is happening that makes this okay? really drives me crazy. i am kinda sick of walking to work past m-16s and grumpy security guards. is it necessary? i just don't feel safer. and i have only seen an increase in crimes. so there.

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