Sunday, June 3, 2007

the perfect way to kick off june

this is how you kick off june and avoid getting ready for you trip to rwanda.

you wake up "early" and head to the arlington yard sale with lindsay
she discovered this place a couple years ago
many a treasure has been found
this time i found:
super cute canisters for my teas
a cute little pour thing for syrup
and a hand powered hand mixer

you go to voorthuis optical and replace your lost sunglasses
do you like what i got?

then you go pick strawberries with dianna, alicia and lindsay
don't forget your bucket you save $.50 and the environment

dianna running with enthusiasm to catch the tractor to the berries
the tractor

lindsay hard at work
not sure about dianna

turns out i was way too picky a picker. so a reaped less fruit...
i seriously hope this is not a commentary on my life

beware of flying goats

then on sunday you invite daniel, issac, michelle and marc over
for strawberry shortcake

daniel had been forewarned that strawberry shortcake was to be had
upon arrival he ran to the kitchen hoping and saying
stawberry shortcake
he was bummed when he found out that he had to first have
salmon, radish greens, and sweet potatoes

this is his second helping

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acl said...

Those are the sunday evenings that I miss.