Tuesday, January 23, 2007

me & denise

yesterday, denise austin was at HHS for a kick off healthier feds. we happedned to be in the bathroom at the same time. i was walking out, she in. she is really nice and about my height. she said "wow, you are in good shape." i blushed and said thanks. i have been feeling quite the contrary lately (which has made me quite contrary). she asked what i did. "for work or work out?"
"workout of course"
"um...i am a triathlete and i do yoga"
"i'll say! you look awesome"

later my intern was out getting signed photos and stuff and denise asked her were she worked. alyson told her and i guess denise remembered me and said something about "the triathlete"

denise- a heart felt thanks for making my day. it was a pretty awesome day already and that was a nice bing cherry and whipped cream on top. i mean, a healthy piece of wheat bread and a carrot.

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Candace said...

Dave and I have an ANCIENT abs video that I pilfered from my mother. It's good for a laugh between crunches. Oh, the 80s.