Wednesday, January 17, 2007

federal holidays

in l'année de l'amusement you are not allowed to let federal holidays go by without doing something special. so for the first of the 10 holidays i threw a huge party with some friends. i was asleep at the camera, to disturbed by scott and marc fighting it out on the dance dance revolution pads and madison smith's two-year old rendition of "girl on the street" by areosmith. if you were at the party, and had the presence of mind to take a photo or two, please send them my way.

but for federal holiday #2, MLK day, i went with lindsay, brigham, and jennie to nags head, nc on the outer banks. you can see brigham's photos here. mine will be forthcoming.

i have to go earn some money for this trip to st. lucia i am planning. more later.

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