Friday, December 28, 2007

too lazy to blog

i am too burnt out and lazy to get these photos up on my blog. they will come. but great things take time. i have a letter to write to delta (i will share it here), a house to clean, bills to pay, parking tickets to fight, relaxing to do, jetlag to recover from, and I NEED SUSHI! and instead of doing all these things i have been catching up on my friend's blogs.

this awesome video below comes from lilypea. it is dedicated to all those who have struggled through trans-lingual love...


KamilahNYC said...

I have been dying for some great pictures/stories that I KNOW are in store from my most favorite traveler!!

lilypea22 said...

I think the best part about this video is watching how his shirt changes in different scenes.

I too am eager for some photos but I think you deserve some sushi and chillaxin' before you do anything like work on your blog.

Ciao bella,


p.s. My goal today is to have gelatto in Bologna. Nevermind this cold weather, I have been looking forward to it!