Friday, March 23, 2007

some of the stuff that went on last month

i spent some quality time with my "pink ball" and these yahoos

apparently, one can never have too many forks

there is a constant battle for who gets to have my bottle.
i think i will just get these boys their own bottle

turns out stickers and an apron and suddenly you have a king

from king to cowboy in the turn of a dime

if they have sticks they are much happier
but don't get in the line of fire
they are not totally skilled yet

i went to this house on the eastern shore (of maryland) for a bookclub retreat.

we cooked ourselves in the hot tub

liz made brownies

we pretty much did this all weekend

we also ate lots of good food.
lindsay making the best muffins ever!

see if you can find my bottle

cheryl and i were both feeling like we could us a pick me up and to feel prettier
we needed hair cuts, but out beloved stylist tara had moved in august to blacksburg, va
4.5 hours away.
but desperate times call for desperate measures
so we got some krispy kremes and hit the road

this was a heartwarming sign.
christiansburg? do you think they have a mosque there?

as the bushwacking begins

the remnants
cheryl was really really excited

we forgot to take after shots, but we looked
and felt much better
thanks a million tara
a quick story about why tara is amazing
she left her glam job in dc to get a PhD in entomology and moved to blacksburg
when we arrived she ordered really yummy pizza
and wouldn't let us pay her for it
then she cute our hair
and wouldn't let us pay her for it
so, she is going to come up to DC in may
and i am hoping that all my friends will want to have her cut their hair
mostly because i like to surround myself with beautiful people
and also because i want tara to make some cash
i celebrated my good friend mike's b-day

one mike is confused, the other crazed
but the food was awesome

i was the photographer at a service project for relief society.
we made school kits for kids in the developing world

elaine teaching us about school kits

we hand sewed velcro
who knows why we had to do it that way

those that had sewing machines were really happy for their good fortune

i really kicked taryn's butt
turns out my grandma taught me some mean sewing skills as a kid

joyce was feeling pretty saucy too.
i love this woman!

one night i met up with some friends from my discussion group
it was super cool because joey and jessica were visiting from slc
one afternoon as i was rushing to a meeting and transferring metro trains, i literally ran into them in the metro
we already had plans to see each other that night, but it was cool

here we are at a yummy indian restaurant in bethesda
they had the most gorgeous menu i have ever seen
and good food to boot
passage to india: i recommend it
turns out paul wolfowitz recommends it too
there were things i would have liked to have ask him
but i didn't
nathan and brigham loved being so close to the author of the iraq invasion

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